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Aug 7

Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 4 Review - “Fifty-One”

This week we see Skyler continuing on the path of desperation, we see more of Lydia and Walt’s birthday - one year after the cancer diagnosis.

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Aug 2

Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 3 Review

A late review, but here it is. The build-up of the new story lines continues with Walt, Jesse, Mike and Saul all figuring out how to run the operation. A good sequence ensues with them looking for a place to cook. A few places Saul suggested are rejected, until Walt has an epiphany. They decide to cooperate with a company that clears out infestations in family houses. When the bug killers work a place, they put the whole house into quarantine, and the owners have to leave for some time. In there, Walt and Jesse will cook a batch of meth, so their laboratory is now mobile and always on the move. It’s a really smart idea, which alone adds to the enjoyment of the episode, but one also starts thinking if real meth cooks do something similar. 

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How I came to dislike JRPGs - Part 2

So I was into Final Fantasy for a time, even playing the old SNES Final Fantasies on emulators. When the next generation of consoles came about, I didn’t get a PS2 though, so I missed out on Final Fantasy 10 and 12, not to mention all the other sequels of PS1 JRPG franchises like Xenogears. During these years I was more of a PC gamer and discovering a whole other type of game. JRPGs were something I’d loved back in my childhood, nothing more.

Then 2 years ago, I got a PSP. It was pretty much the last year of active releases for the PSP as the Vita was just around the corner. This gave me the opportunity to dive back into JRPGs big time, as the PSP seemed to be the platform of choice for JRPG developers at the time, and being to late in the life cycle, most big games were already available.

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Gemini Rue Review

Gemini Rue is from a gameplay point of view a classic adventure game. You control a protagonist by selecting objects of interest with the mouse and have the option to interact with them by choosing to look at them, do something with your hands, talk to them or do something with your foot. The puzzles weren’t frustrating, but also not so easy that one could just click their way through the game without having to stop and think every once in a while. I was never primarily into the puzzling aspect of point-and-click adventures to be honest, but the puzzles of Gemini Rue were enjoyable and felt like they fit in very well, enriching the experience. Only twice did I feel like I was stuck because of a puzzle not very well integrated rather than my lack of wit. After looking at the hints (over the years, I’ve learned to keep my self-discipline at a good degree when using walkthroughs for adventure games) for both puzzles I had to admit that I simply hadn’t given enough thought for an alternative approach.

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Aoashira, the first monster you have to hunt in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd on PSP. As I progress through the game I make cut-out drawings of each monster I successfully slay. Hope I’ll have a nice collection soon.

Aoashira, the first monster you have to hunt in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd on PSP. As I progress through the game I make cut-out drawings of each monster I successfully slay. Hope I’ll have a nice collection soon.

Deus Ex Retrospective

Deus Ex…I reinstalled it, and am playing it again. Currently I finished the Hong Kong chapter, so I would be about half-way through. So I have some thoughts on the game. 

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This is so cool I think I’ll make some of my own. Not necessarily about Megaman though….



Known for its hot robot on robot action, the Mega Man franchise is given a different spin in these paper creations by George Alexopoulos.

Of course, to accompany the new look one can only imagine the newer, far deadlier adversaries they would face. Adversaries like water, recycling, and the dreaded Stephanie Meyer

If you seek other alternate versions of Mega Man, you may enjoy:
Mega Man Wallets || Homicidal Mega Man

I’ve only just found this awesome series of vlogs of the “The Hobbit” production. The Lord of the Rings is one of my all time favorite book and film series, and The Hobbit is a wonderful book as well, so I can’t be more thrilled that Peter Jackson is making the film for it. Watching these vlogs brought me to a happy place, and I’m definitely gonna reread the book before watching the film in December. Always great when you have something to geek out about…

This is an audioplay by Alex Shaw, the voice actors are, as far as I’m aware off, doing this for the first time, and it’s a very remarkable effort. Alex Shaw also produces the @Digital_Gonzo podcast series which is about games and films and I highly recommend it!

How I came to dislike JRPGs - Part 1

It was my 9th birthday when I got my Playstation back in 1997. Up to that point, my entire gaming experience consisted of playing the coop SNES game Turtles in Time with my best friend and playing my SEGA Game Gear, which had a Sonic game and a Bruce Lee game in it. So basically, most of what I had played were platformers. Ever since I tried this brand new 3D console from Sony in a department store with Battle Arena Toshinden I knew this was the future and more to my taste. 

So I got my Playstation, and was enjoying it with minor games like Space Jam and tons of demo CDs from Playstation Magazine. I forgot exactly when or how, but I ended up buying the platinum edition of Final Fantasy 7. I wasn’t even sure what this game was all about, but on the back of the box it said that this was a revolutionary adventure game. “Great! It’s an adventure!” I thought in my 9 year old brain, and bought it. Oh what an adventure it was. 

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